TearScience Introduces LipiScan for Rapid High-Definition Meibomian Imaging

Source: TearScience

TearScience announced the release of LipiScan, the first dedicated high-definition gland imager that allows eye care professionals to assess meibomian gland structure during routine workups in a practice setting. TearScience, which is launching the LipiScan device at the ASCRS meeting in New Orleans, says the device harnesses patented dynamic meibomian imaging (DMI) technology to produce high-definition images of meibomian glands.

"The LipiScan is a technology to help doctors and practices scan meibomian glands. It's a smaller, more portable, and affordable device that makes screening of the meibomian glands much easier in the practice," Joseph Boorady, OD, President and CEO of TearScience, said in an interview with Eyewiretoday.com. "Eighty-six percent of all dry eye patients have involvement of meibomian gland dysfunction, and that’s why we’re so passionate about that condition. The best treatment for meibomian gland dysfunction is LipiFlow. So this new LipiScan will allow the diagnosis of meibomian gland dysfunction to be obtained easier, and allow doctors to recommend the Lipiflow treatment much faster."

In the past year, TearScience, which also manufacturers the LipiView II and LipiFlow for the treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction, embraced the feedback of eye care professionals by significantly adjusting prices of LipiView II and LipiFlow equipment and treatment Activators (Disposables). The introduction of LipiScan will allow busy practices to efficiently integrate assessment of meibomian glands and do so at an affordable price, according to TearScience.


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