ImprimisRx to Provide Healthcare Professionals With Telemedicine Services

Source: ImprimisRx

ImprimisRx, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harrow Health, announced that they have entered into an exclusive agreement with Doxy.me, a full-service telemedicine solution. The agreement will provide all ImprimisRx ophthalmology, optometry, and wellness practices with the Clinic level Doxy.me telemedicine solution at no charge. Doxy.me is a telemedicine software solution, providing video, audio and text through which patients and healthcare providers can seamlessly communicate remotely.

“ImprimisRx was founded on the principles of innovation and always putting patients first. Serving thousands of physicians in all 50 states with innovative pharmaceutical solutions, now more than ever, it is critical that our physician customers have access to their patients and that patients-in-need have easy access to their physicians,” Mark L. Baum, CEO of Harrow Health, said in the news release. “This agreement, which we believe is the first of its kind, moves our company to the forefront of healthcare as we integrate the intangible value of a physician’s care, the value of ImprimisRx prescription pharmaceuticals, and the power of one of the world’s leading telemedicine platforms. The result of this agreement will be greater access to critical physician services and the ImprimisRx suite of ophthalmic and wellness formulations.”

“We are excited to partner with Harrow and ImprimisRx because they have proven to be an innovator and a reliable provider of pharmaceutical solutions in the ophthalmology space,” Brandon Welch, Founder of Doxy.me, said in the news release. “Doxy.me was founded to provide the healthcare community with an easy-to-use solution that would improve health outcomes and this agreement will introduce a whole new suite of unique options to patients. The Doxy.me platform is easy to set up; many offices can begin utilizing it within 24 hours, providing a critical service in this national time of need and for the future of healthcare.”

The agreement provides ImprimisRx prescribers and their patients:

  • A user-friendly platform using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, enabling access to care in minutes
  • Patients “see” their doctor from anywhere by clicking a web link, taking them directly to their doctor’s “virtual waiting room”
  • Telemedicine is generally covered by insurance; patients may also elect to pay out of pocket using built-in credit card payment options
  • Doxy.me is HIPAA compliant – no patient data is stored and video sessions are encrypted
  • Remote file sharing is easy between patient and healthcare provider
  • Image capturing feature aides in diagnosis
  • Prescriptions can still be delivered to patients from ImprimisRx’s mail-order pharmacy, limiting the need for in-person interaction for at-risk patients
  • Recent changes to healthcare regulations now allow for telemedicine services to cross state lines; doctors can treat patients in need, regardless of their state of residence. Additionally, rapidly expanding parity laws require that insurance companies reimburse providers for telemedicine visits at the same rate as an in-office visit
  • And there are many other features which physicians will appreciate once they begin to use the Doxy.me platform

“Earlier this month the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced it would temporarily pay clinicians to provide telemedicine services for beneficiaries across the country and loosen other restrictions due to the disruptions caused by COVID-19,” John Saharek, President of ImprimisRx, said in the news release. “Because we believe it is critical that ImprimisRx customers and all ophthalmologists, optometrists, and wellness providers maintain continuity of care, regardless of external circumstances, we are pleased to now provide Doxy.me along with our mail-order pharmacy services – that can rapidly ship prescription medicines into all 50 states. I believe our valued prescriber customers will quickly adapt to the amazing benefits of the Doxy.me platform and begin utilizing it to meet their patients’ needs.”

ImprimisRx customers will receive the Clinic level Doxy.me service free of charge. Register now using the following instructions:

  • Existing ImprimisRx customers can request their telemedicine account by visiting https://www.imprimisrx.com/telemed/. Upon completion of the registration, ImprimisRx will send an invitation to join.



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