Optimo Medical AG Wins the ZKB Pioneer Prize in Switzerland

Source: Optimo Medical

Optimo Medical’s eye surgery planning software Optimeyes was named the 2019 winner of the zkb pioneer prize, awarding the company a cheque for 98,696 Swiss Franc ($96,845 US).

Optimo Medical was chosen from over 50 other startups in many industries from across Switzerland. Since 2001 the zkb pioneer prize has been awarded annually to Swiss young entrepreneurs and is sponsored by the Foundation Swiss Technopark and the Zurich Cantonal Bank.

Optimeyes enables surgeons to plan cataract surgeries with simultaneous astigmatism correction patient-specifically, by creating a virtual copy of the individual cornea of the patient. On this virtually simulated copy, the computer can then “dry run” the surgery and calculate the optimal surgery values for the specific patient. Optimeyes is CE certified since March 2018 and commercially available across Europe.

Optimo Medical “took an exceptional idea and developed it into a technical project which is characterized by particular innovative power, market proximity, and social relevance,” according to the zkb jury. 

Optimo Medical CEO Harald Studer said the prize money will help the company invest in marketing and sales in order to increase the market traction for Optimeyes.

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