Optikon Introduces R-Evo Smart for Cataract and Retinal Surgery

Source: PhysIOL

Optikon has introduced R-Evo smart, a compact platform that allows anterior and posterior segment surgeries to be performed with the same cassette. The R-Evo equipment is available in disposable and reusable versions.

R-Evo features adaptive fluidics based on a twin-pump (venturi/peristaltic), advanced infusion system with forced irrigation, and dynamic IOP control system, as well as the patented minimal stress technology.

The dual function cataract vitreoretina (DFCV) model also features two high-efficiency LED light sources and high-speed vitrectomy (up to 10K cuts/min) thanks to the dual-action cutting probes of the Twedge technology, according to Optikon, which is a member of the PhysIOL Group.

R-Evo smart is available in three different models, two for cataract surgery (E and S) and one for cataract and vitreoretinal surgeries (CR), all equipped with a dual linear footpedal and a user-friendly GUI touch-screen.

“R-Evo smart combines outstanding performance with innovative features for everyday cost-effectiveness,” Giuseppe Pugliese, the newly appointed CEO of Optikon, said in a company news release. “Thanks to this high technology platform, PhysIOL Group aims to become the leader in the compact-sized segment of the surgical equipment market.”

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