Lightmed Introduces New Design of LIGHTLas TruScan Pro Photocoagulator

Source: Lightmed

Lightmed announced the launch of LIGHTLas TruScan Pro V2.0, the advanced and flexible pattern-scanning laser that’s configurable with up to four different wavelengths. The upgraded LIGHTLas TruScan Pro V2.0 features a slit lamp and integrated delivery system design, and a new ergonomic single column, wheelchair accessible table. Along with the features and functionality available in the original LIGHTLas TruScan Pro, the newly designed laser console now offers physicians the option to choose between the 561nm or 577nm yellow wavelength, in addition to the 532nm green, 670nm red and 810nm infrared wavelengths.

“LIGHTLas TruScan Pro V2.0 combines all the functionality of our fastest and most versatile 4 wavelength TruScan Pro laser workstation with now an incredible and elegant design that is flexible and ergonomic for physicians and patients,” Gary Lee, CEO of Lightmed, said in a company news release. “Our new laser offers the option to purchase a more cost-effective 561nm yellow wavelength in lieu of the standard 577nm yellow wavelength to help extend a clinic’s budget. As with all Lightmed lasers, our priority is to develop both highly effective and economical laser solutions that enhance treatment outcomes and patient safety.”

LIGHTLas TruScan Pro V2.0 treats a variety of retinal diseases and glaucoma. Interested physicians may purchase the product with a single laser wavelength to start then upgrade anytime with a second, third and/or fourth additional wavelengths. Regardless of laser configuration, all LIGHTLas TruScan Pro V2.0 products include continuous wave and Lightmed’s proprietary SP-Mode Microsecond Laser Technology. Each laser console is portable for the operating room and equipped with a dual port system that allows physicians to easily switch between different delivery devices, such as Lightmed endoprobes/glaucoma probes, and a single or multi-wavelength laser indirect ophthalmoscope, according to a company news release.

Additional features include a wireless foot pedal and an intuitive touchscreen GUI with patient reporting and user-friendly built-in protocols. Lightmed offers optional accessories including an operating room medical cart and 3D mouse to fully enhance the physician’s experience.

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