Carl Zeiss Meditec Completes Acquisition of IanTECH

Source: Carl Zeiss Meditec

Carl Zeiss Meditec has officially completed its acquisition of IanTECH, a privately held company focused on technology solutions for micro-interventional cataract surgery headquartered in Reno, Nevada.

IanTECH is the maker of the miLOOP Lens Fragmentation Device, which is the first in a line of ophthalmic tools engineered by IanTECH for its micro-interventional cataract surgery platform. Using micro­-thin super­-elastic, self ­expanding nitinol filament technology, the miLOOP device is designed to offer cataract surgeons the ability to achieve full ­thickness lens fragmentation for any grade cataract minimizing the intraocular ultrasonic vibrations and phaco power. Additional technologies for lens removal are under development.

“Cataract surgery has been dependent on phaco technology for over 50 years. Zeiss believes that the market needs a fresh innovative approach in the field of phaco,” according to a Zeiss statement “IanTECH’s surgical technology is designed to change the future of managing cataracts.”

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