Ziemer Launches FEMTO Z8 NEO Femtosecond Laser

Source: Ziemer

Ziemer has introduced its newest femtosecond laser, the FEMTO Z8 NEO—the successor of the multipurpose femtosecond laser LDV Z8.

The FEMTO Z8 NEO provides advanced hardware as well as new and improved software applications. The newly designed platform offers substantial improvements on performance, usability, and patient comfort, according Ziemer.

“Precision and reliability are optimized by a new laser source and monitoring system. A new slim handpiece in combination with an improved vacuum system ensures an excellent docking experience and a perfect fit for all eyes, even for the most challenging cases,” Ziemer stated in a news release.

New and more intuitive user guidance provides an efficient and effective workflow. In addition to improved software applications, new applications were added to the FEMTO Z8 NEO, providing greater benefits for the surgeon and the patient.

“The new FEMTO Z8 NEO continues a long-standing Ziemer tradition of raising the bar for ourselves and the entire ophthalmic industry,” said Frank Ziemer, CEO and President of Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems.


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