Reichert Technologies Signs Exclusive Deal for CATS Reusable Tonometer Prisms

Source: Reichert Technologies

Reichert Technologies has announced its exclusive partnership with CATS Tonometer to distribute the CATS Reusable Tonometer Prism in the United States. The patented CATS Tonometer Prism is superior in IOP accuracy to traditional Goldmann prism, according to a company news release.

“For decades, Goldmann Applanation Tonometry (GAT) IOP measurement errors have been well known to the clinician community,” Sean McCafferty, MD, FACS, and CEO of CATS Tonometer, said in the news release. “We believe the CATS Tonometer Prism will rapidly become the new standard of care and greatly improve the recognition and treatment of ocular disease.”

Traditional Goldmann tonometer prisms work by applanating or “flattening” the cornea. This amplifies intracorneal stress during the measurement process and can also create subjectivity when placed on the cornea. Suboptimal positioning delivers sub-optimal IOP measurements.

The CATS Tonometer Prism was designed with an innovative and uniquely patented dual-curved surface that “cups” the cornea and effectively nullifies IOP measurement errors caused by corneal biomechanics and corneal thickness. The CATS Tonometer Prism also features a rolled outer edge that minimizes the tear film adhesion, which plagues traditional Goldmann prisms.*   

“The CATS Tonometer Prism provides a more accurate IOP assessment, sparing patients and clinicians from the damaging consequences of over and under estimation of IOP,” Nathan Radcliffe, MD, a leading glaucoma specialist practicing in NYC, said in the news release.

Seamless integration into any existing Goldmann or Perkins tonometer allows doctors to easily transition from the traditional Goldmann prism to the CATS Tonometer Prism with no additional training or downtime. 

“The partnership with CATS Tonometer, LLC is a perfect fit for Reichert,” states Ian Lee-Bennett, Reichert Technologies Division Vice President and Business Unit Manager. “The CATS Tonometer Prism expands our world-leading tonometry portfolio and builds upon our biomechanically compensated IOP devices, including the Ocular Response Analyzer (ORA) and the Reichert 7CR.”

*Goldmann and error correcting tonometry prisms compared to intracameral pressure. McCafferty S, Levine J, Schwiegerling J, Enikov ET. BMC Ophthalmol. 2018 Jan 4;18(1):2.

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