Refractive Surgery Alliance to Raise Awareness of Global Vision Correction Month

Source: Refractive Surgery Alliance

July is Global Vision Correction Month and members of the Refractive Surgery Alliance (RSA) will celebrate by sharing their own vision correction surgery to raise awareness on social media, television and on the web.

“We are seeing a 11.8% increase in US LASIK volumes over 2019” Guy Kezirian, MD, MBA, RSA founder, said in a news release. “There are good reasons for it. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought vision to the forefront. Glasses can fog up with masks, so not needing to wear glasses becomes essential. The virus brings on new risks with contact lenses since COVID-19 causes conjunctivitis (pink eye). Both glasses and contact lenses make it difficult to keep hands away from the face. Vision correction makes glasses and contact lenses unnecessary.”

Global Vision Correction Month launched in 2019 in celebration of the 20-year anniversary of the FDA approvals for LASIK. Last year RSA Member surgeons from 13 countries participated, operating on over 500 eye professionals. This year, 48 surgeons from 14 countries are participating in Global Vison Correction Month.

“We can confidently say that vision correction surgery has evolved over the last 20 years – just as much as cell phones, cars and televisions have evolved – it is extraordinary,” says Greg Parkhurst, MD, former RSA president and founder of Parkhurst NuVision in San Antonio, Texas. “Vision correction surgery delivers true, permanent results, is now affordable for nearly everyone and often less costly over time than glasses and contacts, while providing immeasurable lifestyle and safety benefits.  It is not just for celebrities and rich people.”

The idea of doctors and surgeons sharing their own surgical experience is novel. “At Williamson Eye Center we perform surgery on many professional athletes, and lots of people hear about that. What they don’t often hear about is how often eye surgeons elect to have laser vision correction on themselves, which is reported to be 5x more often than the general public. This is because we know more than anyone how impactful modern vision correction is. It is truly transformational, often restoring vision to a level considered to be better than perfect,” says RSA member Blake Williamson, MD.


Participating RSA Members include:

Thomas Abell, MD – Abell Eyes, USA

Juan G. Arbelaez, MDMuscat Eye Laser Center, Oman

Shamik Bafna, MDClear Choice Custom LASIK Center, USA

Leonard Bley, MDLaser & Microsurgery Institute/ NY Lasik, USA

Marc Bosem, MDCorrectVision Laser Institute, USA

Francesco Carones, MDCarones Vision, Italy

Y. Ralph Chu, MDChu Vision Institute, USA

Lourens Coetzee, MDEnvision Centre for Sight, South Africa

Arthur B. Cummings, MD, FRCSWellington Eye Clinic, Ireland

Michelle L. Diaz, MDAtlantic Eye Institute, USA

Paul Dougherty, MDDougherty Laser Vision, USA

Ali Fadlallah, MD, MS, PhDUltraLasik Eye Center, UAE

Joaquín Fernández, MD, PhDQvision, Spain

Andrei Filip, MD, PhDAma Optimex Eye Clinic, Romania

Joshua Frenkel, MDWang Vision Institute, USA

Gregory Hayden, MDHayden Vision, USA

Mitch Jackson, MDJacksoneye, USA

Dylan Joseph, MBChB, FCOSADr Dylan Joseph, South Africa

Michael Keil, DOKeil Lasik Vision Center, USA

Guy M. Kezirian, MD, MBARefractive Surgery Alliance, USA

Lance Kugler, MDKugler Vision, USA

Keith Liang, MDKeith Liang, MD at Center for Sight, USA

Robert Lin, MDIQ Laser Vision, USA

Michael Manning, MDGulfcoast Eye Care, USA

Lisa McIntire, MDHeart of Texas Eye Institute, USA

Erik Mertens, MD, FEBOphth. – Medipolis, Belgium

Richard Miller, MDMiller Eye Center, USA

Brett Mueller II, MD, PhDParkhurst NuVision, USA

G. Peyton Neatrour, MDBeach Eye Care, USA

Todd Nickel, DOHeaton Eye Associates, USA

Richard Norden, MDNorden Laser Eye Associates, USA

Gregory Pamel, MDPamel Vision and Laser Group, USA

Gregory Parkhurst, MDParkhurst NuVision, USA

Randal Pham, MD, MSAesthetic and Refractive Surgery Medical Center, USA

Isaac Porter, MDPorter Ophthalmology, USA

Jay Rudd, MDAurora LASIK, USA

Ehsan Sadri, MDVisionary Eye Institute, USA

Matthew Sharpe, MDSharpeVision MODERN LASIK, USA

Steven B. Siepser, MDSiepser Laser Eyecare, USA

Raymond Stein, MDBochner Eye Institute, Canada

Aleksandar Stojanovic, MD, PhD – Smile Eyes AS, Norway

Matthew Swanic, MDLas Vegas Eye Institute, USA

Suphi Taneri, MDZentrum für Refraktive Chirurgie, Germany

Tom Tooma, MDNVISION Eye Centers, USA

Aaron Waite, MDWaite Vision, USA

Mark Wevill, MBChB, FRCSLaser Eye Birmingham, UK

Blake Williamson, MD, MPH, MSWilliamson Eye Center, USA

Roger Zaldivar, MDInstituto Zaldivar SA, Argentina

RSA Member practices around the world will celebrate Global Vision Correction Month by performing surgery on fellow eye surgeons, optometrists, family members and the people in their communities and then sharing these experiences on all forms of media.

The RSA is also inviting the public to upload videos about their experience with vision correction during Global Vision Correction Month.

Uploads, videos and additional information can be found on www.EveryWakingMinute.com and in social media.

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