Quantel Medical Receives CE Mark for Dry Eye Treatment Platform Lacrystim IPL

Source: Quantel Medical

Quantel Medical announced the CE mark approval of the LacryStim IPL system. Based on intense pulsed light technology, LacryStim is used for the treatment of dry eye diseases such as meibomian gland dysfunction.

LacryStim IPL is a treatment device featuring a unique wavelengths spectrum and train of pulses enabling the stimulation of the lachrymal and meibomian glands and the reduction of inflammation. These mechanisms of action help the improvement of the tear film quality and the reduction the major symptoms associated with mild to moderate dry eye diseases.

“LacryStim IPL system is the second product of our dry eye range and brings an innovative therapeutic solution to ophthalmologists confronted to the daily challenge of dry eye treatment. It complements ideally with LacryDiag, our dry eye diagnostic platform launched in 2018,” Jean-Marc Gendre, CEO of Quantel Medical, said in a company news release. “With the release in 2017 of the DEWS 2 report setting new standards of diagnosis and treatment, Quantel Medical is proud to bring a complete diagnosis and treatment solution that meets with the requirements of the new standards of care in dry eye diseases.”

Ophthalmologists attending the congresses of the French Society of Ophthalmology in Paris this month and the European Society of Ophthalmology, in Nice, France in June will have the opportunity to discover LacryStim.

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