Quantel Medical Launches Dry Eye Information Website for Patients

Source: Quantel Medical

Quantel Medical has launched www.mydryeyedisease.com, a site designed to provide the general public with information on dry eye disease.

Dry eye is the second most common reason for visiting an ophthalmologist, after sight testing and up to 50% of all patients visiting a doctor may be affected by dry eye. To help practitioners develop their work with dry eye, Quantel Medical has launched www.mydryeyedisease.com. The site helps patients to better understand the disease, its symptoms and causes, and identify diagnosis and treatment solutions for managing dry eye.

“The ophthalmologists that we work with told us that their patients were expressing a real need for information so that they could understand dry eye,” Delphine Southon, Product Manager for Dry Eye range of Quantel Medical, said in a company news release. “So we decided to develop this website to give ophthalmologists a practical tool, designed with their patients in mind, to support their conversations with patients.”

The website will also be updated each month with a news item relating to dry eye and the season or another topical issue, such as the increase in patients suffering from dry eye as a result of wearing a mask, or dry eye, and screen use. These news items will help patients better understand the causes of the disease and the everyday actions they can take to limit its impacts.

This website in available: in English: www.mydryeyedisease.com; in Spanish: www.miojoseco.es; and in French: www.masecheresseoculaire.fr

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