Ophtec’s Preloaded Capsular Tension Ring Ringject Receives Approval in China

Source: Ophtec

Ophtec was granted CFDA approval for the preloaded capsular tension ring (CTR) Ringject in China.

Ringject is a preloaded, single use capsular tension ring designed to be self-loading for surgical convenience. CTRs were originally introduced to strengthen the zonule in eyes with zonular dehiscence (ZD) in cataract and lens surgery. They also prevent capsular phimosis in eyes at risk for postoperative capsular shrinkage.

“The main indication for the use of CTRs is still the management of ZD but we see surgeons using CTRs for other purposes too,” Tiago Guerreiro, Global Marketing Director at Ophtec BV, said in a company news release.

CTRs are widely used in Europe in combination with premium IOLs to ensure lens stability and to avoid tilt and rotation.

“We see a clear trend in the use of the preloaded Ringject with multifocal IOLs. It started a few years ago in Europe and other countries are following as surgeons see the advantages of (multifocal) IOL stabilization in the capsular bag,” Mr. Guerreiro said. “We foresee a significant growth on the preloaded CTRs demand in China as the product offers easy handling. The CFDA approval of Ringject is another step forward on Ophtec’s commitment to the Chinese ophthalmic community.”

Ringject is CE and FDA approved and is available for commercial use in Europe, South Korea and The United States. Ringject will soon be commercially available in China.

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