Ophtec: Tiny ID Matrix Code Enables Fast Delivery of Premium IOLs

Source: Ophtec

Ophtec announced it has recently integrated a laser marking technology in the production process of its premium cataract IOLs.

A micro ID matrix code is imprinted in the IOLs loop junctions by the laser. Using this code, special scanners can identify the IOL during the manufacturing process and enable fast and secure production of 2000 different optical characteristics in the IOLs, according to a company news release.

Ophtec says it is the first IOL company to have taken the step to be able to identify and track an IOL from the moment the lens is ordered, until the end of the production process.

Ophtec plans to use this integrated technology for future applications leading to ophthalmic innovations.

“For now, we use it for fast production and traceability. The next step is to have fully customized IOLs,” Global Marketing Director Tiago Guerreiro said in a company news release. “We all know how important it is to collect data on performance and efficiency. How helpful would it be to understand the IOLs behavior in situ over years or even decades? Ophtec is one step closer to getting these answers”

The micro ID code is imprinted outside the optical zone in the IOL’s loop junction and therefore there is no interference with the optic or the patient’s vision. The code is visible through a surgical microscope pre-op; the code is not visible after the lens is implanted.

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