New World Medical Registers New KDB GLIDE for Smooth, Precise Goniotomy

Source: New World Medical

New World Medical announced FDA registration of the KDB GLIDE as a Class 1 device, designed to give surgeons a refined, precise experience performing excisional goniotomy for treatment of glaucoma. The KDB GLIDE device improves on the successful Kahook Dual Blade technology by adding new features: a rounded heel, tapered sides, and a smaller footplate to deliver optimal interface with the canal of Schlemm—permitting a precise excision with the instrument’s dual blades, even in variable anatomy.

“New World Medical is dedicated to preventing vision loss from glaucoma, the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide, through continuous, industry-leading innovation. We’re very excited to launch KDB GLIDE, giving surgeons more features that provide a smooth and elegant approach to the trusted goniotomy procedure,” Bilal Khan, Chief Executive Officer at New World Medical, said in a company news release.

Excisional goniotomy is a long-established procedure in which a segment of the diseased trabecular meshwork is removed, which facilitates the flow of aqueous into collector channels of the eye, thus alleviating IOP. Because goniotomy is appropriate for mild, moderate and severe glaucoma, as a stand-alone procedure or in combination with cataract surgery, more than 4.5 million glaucoma patients in the U.S. alone are suitable candidates for a goniotomy procedure. KDB GLIDE joins New World Medical’s Kahook Dual Blade family of devices, which have set a gold standard as an accurate, cost-effective solution for excisional goniotomy.

“We are continuously soliciting feedback from our customers and implementing improvements to help surgeons and ultimately patients gain better outcomes. KDB GLIDE has elevated the refinement and fluidity of excisional goniotomy, putting a smooth precision instrument in the surgeon’s hands,” said Raymond Kong, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at New World Medical. “It’s a perfect match for our customers, who all share our dedication in expanding minimally invasive options for patients and improving the surgical experience.”

The KDB GLIDE will soon be available for purchase in the United States. Physicians can contact their local New World Medical Sales Consultant or visit www.newworldmedical.com for more information.


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