New Laser Helps Doctors Image Full Eye in 3D

Source: Octlight

Scientists have developed a laser-based technique that can produce a full 3D image of all the layers of the retina, allowing doctors to better diagnose and treat eye diseases such as cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and cancer, according to an Octlight news release.

Researchers from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) have developed a swept light source technology that makes it possible to take full 3D OCT images of the eye and this technology is being commercialized by the university spin-out company Octlight ApS. With support from Europe’s incubator for photonics innovation, ACTPHAST 4.0, Octlight has been able to solve a critical challenge in miniaturizing the packaging of this novel laser technology to meet commercial marketplace demands.

Octlight is now manufacturing these light sources to be used by medical technology companies in the commercialization of full 3D OCT imaging devices.

It will enable medics to take an image of the eye 10 times faster and over 10 times longer range than ever before, dramatically improving their ability to assess the condition of the eye and to ensure that nothing is overlooked, according to Octlight.

“The field of vision and depth is critical to diagnosing diseases of the retina. Our technique allows you to image the whole eye from front to back in 3D. It scans faster so you can image a larger part of the retina. It allows you to image 150 degrees of the retina, and penetrates the eye, allowing you to see all the layers of the retina,” Dr. Thor Ersted Ansbæk, CEO of Octlight, said in a company news release. “It’s a big leap forward for this type of technology and specially tailored for use in the devices that are used for diagnosing and treating eye diseases.”

The compact and cost-efficient light source module and processing capability sweeps through the wavelengths of the optical spectrum faster than existing methods and has the ability of imaging deeper into tissue than ever before. The product addresses the challenges faced by medical devices companies in terms of finding a suitable laser technology for commercialization of 3D full eye imaging.

ACTPHAST 4.0 helped Octlight connect with venture capital by participating in its flagship annual European Photonics Venture Forum (EPVF) where high potential start-ups and SMEs innovating with photonics get to pitch to top VCs and corporate investors.

Octlight is currently scaling up their production and aims to grow to a team of 25 people and a turnover of more than €10 million within 5 years.

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