New iCare HOME2 Self-Tonometer Enables Eye Pressure Measurement by Glaucoma Patients

Source: Icare Finland

Icare Finland is launching their next generation self-tonometer, the iCare HOME2.

iCare HOME2 provides ease of use and accuracy in monitoring real-world IOP behavior outside of the doctor’s office and clinical hours, supporting glaucoma management, according to a company news release.

Most patients can utilize iCare HOME2 simply by following the advice and guidance in the instruction materials, freeing up health care professionals’ time. iCare HOME2’s smart light guide helps the patient in positioning the device correctly and in making the measurements effortlessly and accurately, every time. It is now easier than ever for doctors to provide glaucoma management based on real-world IOP information, from finding the optimal medication and instillation schedule, to assessing the need for and effectiveness of surgery.

With the novel iCare PATIENT2 mobile app, the patients can follow their own IOP trends from an iOS or Android mobile device and send the IOP measurement results easily for healthcare professional’s review in the cloud based iCare CLINIC software. Using iCare HOME2 and PATIENT2, the patient can actively participate in the care process by providing valuable information to the healthcare professional. Patient motivation for medication compliance can improve, and knowledge of the real-time IOP levels provides daily reassurance.

The iCare HOME2, PATIENT2 and CLOUD are currently available in EU and EFTA countries, UK, Canada, Australia and some Asian countries. For more information, see https://www.icare-world.com/sales-service/


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