I-MED Pharma Gains Health Canada Approval For E>Eye Laser

Source: I-MED Pharma

I-MED Pharma has announced Health Canada approval for dry eye device E>Eye Laser, which is now available to Canadian eye care professionals. 

E>Eye, designed and manufactured in France by E-Swin, is the only CE certified medical device using patented IRPL technology developed specifically for the treatment of dry eye disease caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), according to a company news release.

This new type of polychromatic pulsed light produces calibrated and homogeneously sequenced “cold light” pulses, which safely stimulate the meibomian glands to resume secretions, restoring the lacrymal film and improving symptoms associated with ocular dryness. Clinically tested, E>Eye treatments are quick, painless and noninvasive, with patients expressing a 90% satisfaction rate after two treatments, according to I-MED Pharma.

“The E>Eye is a revolutionary device that offers patients an affordable, long-lasting solution for dry eye management,” Daniel Hofmann, President of I-MED Pharma, said in the news release. “It is radically different from other existing treatment options for dry eye disease and it has many advantages over traditional IPL devices currently on the market. It can be a game changer for eye care professionals in Canada. We look forward to the positive impact this product can have on Canadian dry eye patients.”

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