Calhoun Vision Becomes RxSight

Source: RxSight

Calhoun Vision announced that it has formally changed its name to RxSight. The company also announced the filing of its initial premarket approval with the FDA as well as the addition of veteran health care executive and entrepreneur William Link, PhD, to its Board of Directors.

“The new corporate name expresses our mission to transform cataract surgery from the current predictive methods to a unique prescription process,” Eric Weinberg, Chief Commercial Officer, said in a company news release. “This approach has been shown to deliver a degree of refractive precision that is approximately twice that of today’s cataract surgery.”

Despite many improvements in modern-day cataract surgery technology, postoperative results rarely achieve the visual goals expressed by the patient. Residual refractive error, even after premium cataract surgery, is still common due to unpredictable wound healing as well as variations in postoperative lens position. RxSight’s Light Adjustable Lens (»RxLAL) addresses this by enabling physicians to make office- based refractive adjustments to the lens after the cataract is removed and the eye is stable. Importantly, the patient is also actively engaged in the process to realize their lifestyle vision expectations.



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