Biotech Healthcare Launches Optiflex TRIO Trifocal IOL in Europe

Source: Biotech Healthcare

Switzerland-based Biotech Healthcare has announced the European launch of the Optiflex Trio, a diffractive-refractive trifocal toric IOL designed to treat presbyopia and with astigmatism. Its unique diffraction pattern gives a balanced light distribution at all three distances: near, intermediate and distant, enabling a spectacle free vision for patients.

Optiflex Trio is designed with BLISS Technology (Brilliant Light Sensing Technology), which enables optimum utilization of unused light energy to give excellent intermediate vision without interrupting the near and distant vision, according to a company news release. This technology also empowers the lens for optimum asymmetric and balanced light distribution at each focal point. The optimized diffractive zones ensure minimum pupil dependency in any lighting conditions.  

Optiflex Trio is also glistening-free. The lens material has natural yellow chromophore that prevents the risk of age related macular degeneration and does not disturb the circadian rhythm. Moreover, it doesn’t attribute to altered color perception, therefore enhancing contrast sensitivity. The IOL blocks the harmful UV light and filters violet-blue light without losing contract sensitivity. It also enables smooth transition between zones minimizing glares and halos. As a result, it gives excellent vision in all lighting conditions.

This Optiflex Trio is CE Mark approved.



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