Adaptilens Announces $1.6 Million in Seed Funding for Development of Accommodating IOL

Source: Adaptilens

Adaptilens announced a $1.6 million seed funding to fund the company’s development of an innovative accommodating IOL with the aim of allowing patients to live their lives free of glasses and contact lenses.

The funding was led by Pillar VC with additional participation from Accanto Partners.

The company’s mission is to restore patients’ sight to a youthful, natural, continuous range of vision. Adaptilens’ flexible IOL mimics the natural human lens, giving patients clear near, intermediate, and distance vision, by allowing the eye’s ciliary muscles to change the implanted lens’ shape, so that the eye can focus at a range of distances naturally, according to a company news release.

“Adaptilens is delighted to be partnering with Pillar and Accanto. We’re confident that with their strength and resources, we will be able to advance our technology rapidly and efficiently so that we can improve the quality of life for millions of people,” Dr. Liane Clamen, Adaptilens’ Founder and CEO, said in the news release. “For decades, doctors have been replacing nature’s full, flexible lens with a flat, stiff lens. We are determined to provide a better solution by developing a flexible lens that lets the eye’s muscles of accommodation naturally change its shape, and allow people to see clearly at near, intermediate, and far distances.”

While this innovative lens will initially be used for patients with cataracts, the Adaptilens could also be used to correct the vision of patients with a variety of refractive errors. For example, the Adaptilens could be used for patients with presbyopia.

“The biggest challenge in solving age-related loss of near vision has been the difficulty of creating a lens that will respond to the eye’s natural signal to focus. We are developing a unique solution to maintain a person’s ability to see clearly and naturally at both distance and near by regaining intrinsic accommodation,” said Bonnie Henderson, MD, Adaptilens Co-developer and Chair of its Scientific Advisory Board.

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