Ziemer USA Offers Schedule of Expert Speakers at AAO

Source: Ziemer USA

Ziemer USA will present several ophthalmic experts discussing current topics and trends in the eye care industry at the Ziemer booth (#1056) on Saturday, October 27 during AAO.

The schedule of speakers and topics is as follows:

11:00 Seth Pantanelli, M.D.—Reliability of the Galilei G4 Topographic Indices in Eyes with Keratoconus 

11:30 Diane Weiner—Surgiorithm-How to communicate self-pay options to patients as a pre-visit step

12:00 Luis Izquierdo, M.D.—Eyeing the Future of Lenticule Extraction

12:30 Christine Lapointe—Aesthetics 360-Monitoring and Measuring Performance to Achieve Success

1:00 Shady Awad, M.D.—Tips & Tricks of Intracorneal Ring Segments, Insertion for Keratoconus with Intraoperative OCT

1:30 Carlos Arce, M.D—How GALILEI helps you to select and calculate the best IOL for each eye

2:00 Cynthia Roberts, Ph.D—What Is CLMI.x

2:30 Jod Metha, M.D.—Scarless femtopterygium surgery

“We have an amazing line up of speakers this year willing to share their expertise at our AAO booth,” David Bragg, President of Ziemer USA, said in a company news release. “This is a wonderful opportunity for AAO attendees to discuss the latest techniques, procedures and equipment with experts in the field.”

In addition to the presentations, a champagne toast is scheduled for 3 p.m. as a thank you to all the speakers and attendees.

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