Wize Pharma Announces Publication of LOA2 Data on Treatment of Moderately Severe Sjögren’s Syndrome-Related Dry Eye

Source: Wize Pharma

Wize Pharma announced publication of data generated in an investigator initiated study conducted in Hungary during 2016, entitled “Treatment of Moderately Severe Sjögren’s Syndrome-Related Dry Eye without Immunomodulation: A Self-Controlled, Unmasked Study,” in the peer-reviewed journal ECronicon.  The publication, authored by Huba J. Kiss, et al, describes outcomes from an open label study of 21 patients and evaluated improvement of objective and subjective measures associated with severe Sjögren’s syndrome-related dry eye.     

The single arm study recruited subjects from the Corneal and Eye surface disease outpatient unit of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary, and included 18 women and 3 men with a mean age of 60.4 years. Each patient self-administered LO2A 4 times a day to each eye for 3 months. The majority of patients had tried at least one other artificial eye product for the treatment of dry eye without marked relief of symptoms. The data showed improvements in lissamine green staining, OSDI and LIPCOF score, but did not show any improvement in basal tear secretion. Please see: https://www.ecronicon.com/ecop/pdf/ECOP-10-00394.pdf

“We are excited about the publication of this data using LO2A in the treatment of severe Sjögren’s Syndrome-Related Dry Eye as it demonstrates the potential of our product in this very large and diverse market. Patients with this condition regularly experience quality of life issues and there are currently limited options available for treatment of their symptoms,” Wize Pharma’s Chairman Noam Danenberg said in a company news release. “The company continues to advance its strategic goals, focused on the clinical development program pursuing US approval and strategic alliances.”


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