Vortex Surgical Launches Innovative Convenience Kits

Source: Vortex Surgical

Vortex Surgical announced the release of the Vortex Surgical Convenience Kit. Launched during the annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology in New Orleans, the product is targeted at clinicians and facility administrators specializing in surgical retina repair of macular and retinal defects and disease. According to the company, the Vortex Surgical Convenience kit delivers convenience and ease of use, as well as ordering and operational efficiency, to hospitals, and ambulatory surgery centers. 

The Standard Vortex Surgical Convenience Kit contains one of each of the following disposable products: ACTU8 forceps, an ILM elevator, a soft tip cannula, and a Volk flat lens; however, the kit is customizable to the account’s needs. All kit components are packaged within a small, compact, and efficient kit, which helps “simplify the ordering process, expedite case setup, and minimize packaging waste.”

Furthermore, the Vortex Surgical Convenience Kit helps hospitals and ambulatory centers save time and money through effectively reducing the volume of individual orders, streamlining order input parameters, and allowing staff to retain the most commonly used instruments on hand, at all times.

Speaking of the Vortex Surgical Convenience Kit, the company’s CEO Michael Fanning said that “Vortex Surgical has taken the pulse of the market, and acknowledged the gap for a comprehensive kit, which would address hospitals’ and ambulatory centers’ need to respond with simple, efficient and elegant solution to facilitate procedures.”

Mr. Fanning continued, “Much like all Vortex Surgical products, the Vortex Surgical Convenience Kits and specifically the ACTU8 premium disposable instrument stand out for their superior quality and exquisite craftsmanship. They are made to uphold the highest standards of excellence in the field of surgical retina instrumentation, and are tried and tested under real case scenarios, confirming their flawless performance, throughout use.”

The Vortex Surgical Convenience kit components can be viewed on the company's website. Those interested in more information about the kit, as well as to inquire about placing an order on behalf of their surgical facility, can contact Vortex Surgical directly, either via phone, or via email, and a company representative will get back to the promptly.

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