Visual Function Problems May Be More Common in Children With Dyslexia

Source: Reuters

Children with developmental dyslexia (DD) may be more likely to have visual deficits than their typically developing peers, a study suggests, according to a report in Reuters.

Nearly 80% of the DD group had a deficit in at least one domain of visual function, compared to one-third of the control group, Dr. Aparna Raghuram of Boston Children’s Hospital and colleagues reported July 19 in JAMA Ophthalmology.

“Some children who have developmental dyslexia could have visual function deficits that could merit appropriate evaluation and treatment,” Dr. Raghuram told Reuters Health in a telephone interview. However, she added, the findings should not be seen as endorsing eye exercises for treating dyslexia. “This is at least a step toward identifying the frequency of deficits.”

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