Visiometrics Launches Tear Film Analyzer for Objective Measurement of Dry Eye Disease

Source: Visiometrics

Visiometrics will debut its Tear Film Analyzer at the American Academy of Ophthalmology annual meeting in New Orleans. The Tear Film Analyzer is a fast, objective, and noninvasive way to measure vision fluctuation caused by dry eye disease. By measuring patient Vision Breakup Time (VBUT), doctors can improve outcomes, increase satisfaction, and grow revenue, according to a company news release.

The Tear Film Analyzer is the only diagnostic tool to quantify VBUT – how long it takes a patient to lose one line of vision, according to Visiometrics. There is no wait time for drops, strips or long protocols. The exam takes under 1 minute. By analyzing the tear film in its natural state, without disturbing it, VBUT during a Tear Film Analyzer exam more accurately reflects VBUT under real world conditions, and patient comfort is increased.

The objective measurement of the Tear Film Analyzer removes variability in patient reporting. It also provides a baseline to track the effectiveness of dry eye treatment. The easy-to-read report created by the Tear Film Analyzer aids in patient education, helping patients to see how their vision is affected by poor tear film. Better understanding increases patient compliance, improving outcomes and patient satisfaction.

The Tear Film Analyzer is available with an optional touch screen package, for a more compact footprint and faster navigation. The flat screen display can also be removed for patient discussions.

To learn more about the Tear Film Analyzer, visit Visiometrics at booth 1562, go to www.Visiometrics.com, or call 1-844-SCATTER (722-8837).

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