Vino Optics Announces New Color Deficiency Correction Lenses to Eye Care Market

Source: Vino Optics

For the 6 percent of the population that has a color deficiency, there is a new way to improve color vision by going directly to an eye care professional to ask for color correction lenses from Vino Optics. Patients can now go to their optometrist and request the latest lenses, the Oxy-Iso RX, to be cut and put into their own frames to enhance their color acuity and improve color vision. This is the first offer for this newer version of lenses from Vino Optics that is directly made for optometrists to offer to their patients, according to a company news release.

Based on fundamental discoveries from Cal Tech and Princeton scientists on the origins of color, the Oxy-Iso RX lenses don’t just filter color, but enhance the things that color vision is for. These new RX lenses will allow for eye care professionals to order no-glare, clear color deficiency corrective lenses for patients who are looking to improve their color vision as either a lifestyle enhancement or for their profession, such as a paramedic, health care professional, electrician, chef or artist, just to name a few.

Colorblindness correction lenses, non-prescription-grade, and prescription-grade, Oxy-Iso RX uncut lenses are available in bulk pricing for eye care professionals. Orders can be made to OD@vino.vi.


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