Verseon to Reveal Preclinical Results on Novel Drug Candidates in Diabetic Macular Edema Program at BIO 2017

Source: Verseon

Verseon will be presenting results from its most advanced drug programs at the 2017 BIO International Conference, held June 19–22, 2017 in San Diego. Dr. David Kita, Vice President of R&D at Verseon, will present preclinical data on the Company’s plasma kallikrein inhibitors for the treatment of diabetic macular edema (DME). By inhibiting the serine protease plasma kallikrein, Verseon’s drug candidates target a validated disease pathway Dr. Kita’s presentation will feature pharmacokinetic data, which indicate that Verseon’s kallikrein inhibitors can be administered as eye drops, or through oral dosing.

A second presentation will cover the company’s anticoagulation program. Verseon’s novel class of direct thrombin inhibitors are as effective as existing anticoagulants in preclinical testing, but do not disrupt platelet function. This provides a biological explanation for the reduced bleeding risk of Verseon’s inhibitors compared to the NOACs, observed in preclinical testing. In addition to previously announced efficacy and safety studies on Verseon’s first development candidate, which shows significantly lower renal clearance than existing anticoagulants, Dr. Kita’s presentation will also feature new preclinical data on another promising lead candidate with a distinct chemotype.

“Our computer-driven approach to drug discovery has allowed us to develop multiple promising candidates across our pipeline,” said Dr. Kita. “We are especially excited to share preclinical results on our DME candidates, which can potentially have a positive impact on millions of patients worldwide.”

All drug candidates in Verseon’s diabetic macular edema and anticoagulation programs are novel chemical entities discovered and developed by Verseon’s scientists using the Company’s unique computer-driven drug discovery platform.

Details of the presentations at the BIO 2017 conference are as follows:

Anticoagulation program

Date and Time: Monday, June 19, 2017; 4:45 p.m.

Location: Company Presentation Theater 2

Abstract: https://mybio.org/event/member/381843

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