Vance Thompson Vision First in the United States to Perform Cataract Surgery with Zepto

Source: Mynosys

Vance Thompson Vision will be the first center in the United States to utilize »Zepto in conjunction with Refractive Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery, or ReLACS. This technology uses low-energy pulses to create a precise capsulotomy, independent of pupile size, corneal clarity or lens density. 

Vance Thompson, MD, a refractive surgeon at Vance Thompson Vision in Sioux Falls, says that Zepto will provide more options to his patients.

“Zepto results in a strong capsulotomy,” Dr. Thompson said in a news release. “It provides fewer logistical challenges during the surgery and reduces the overall time the patient spends in surgery.”

US-based medical device company Mynosys has developed the Zepto capsulotomy system for creating a round, regular, and strong incision in the clear lens capsule that surrounds the crystalline lens. A round opening in this capsule must be made during cataract surgery to allow access to and removal of the cloudy lens material beneath. Electrical pulses are delivered to create the capsulotomy, which results in no cautery or burning of tissue.

Dr. Thompson is a clinical investigator for the United States clinical trials that are currently underway. His first case with the Zepto technology was on Monday, July 24.

“The Zepto device is an innovatie system that will provide reliable, reproducible and automated incisions durint cataract surgery,” says Dr. Thompson. We are excited to be able to bring this option to patients and offer them continued options for visual freedom.”


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