Ursapharm and Novaliq Announce European Partnership Agreement

Source: Ursapharm

Ursapharm and Novaliq jointly announced its partnership agreement as well as the initial European launch of EvoTearsä, according to a company news release. As part of the agreement, Ursapharm obtains the exclusive license for the commercialization of EvoTears, Novaliq’s first commercially available ophthalmic product for the treatment of evaporative dry eye diseases.

Ursapharm’s ophthalmic portfolio includes Hylo Eye Care and the company offers a variety of ophthalmic products in the segments of antibiotics, anti-glaucomatosa, and anti-inflammatory treatments.

“At Ursapharm we are dedicated to improving the treatment of eye diseases with a high medical need. In our collaboration with Novaliq, we have the chance to access the first-in-class water-free sicca treatment based on Novaliq’s proprietary technology platform, delivering superior benefits for the treatment of evaporative dry eye diseases. EvoTears supports the lipid layer of the tear film with the ability to quickly spread and be absorbed; is free of preservatives; and, features a small droplet size, which fits perfectly into the cul de sac of the eye. With the launch of this first product based on Novaliq’s innovative technology platform, we hope to further expand our market share in the premium segment offering the highest value to our patients. We are confident that ophthalmologists and patients alike will adopt EvoTears as a truly innovative solution among existing eye-drop products,” Dominik Holzer, Managing Director, Ursapharm, said in the news release.

“This collaboration with Ursapharm is very important for Novaliq as it validates our technology and will result in a successful market launch in Europe," Bernhard Günther, co-founder, managing director and CEO of Novaliq, said in the news release. "The out-licensing of EvoTears in Europe represents the logical next step for us to broaden the visibility of our platform and facilitates our development pipeline of pharmaceutical products with focus on severe eye diseases. The relevance of our platform for use in ophthalmology is being underscored, as the unique properties of EvoTears are directly derived from our proprietary EyeSol Technology platform.”

"The ability to offer a new treatment option for the increasing incidence and prevalence of dry eye is essential to addressing the significant unmet need for effective dry eye therapies. I expect Novaliq's unique EyeSol delivery technology and new OTC partnership with Ursapharm will be strongly welcomed within the European ophthalmic community and by patients, and look forward to seeing an increasing portfolio of new products in the future," Edward J. Holland, MD, Director of Cornea Services at Cincinnati Eye Institute and Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Cincinnati, said in the news release.

About EvoTears

EvoTears (CE), the first product based on Novaliq’s proprietary EyeSol Technology, is an innovative multi-dose, non-aqueous and preservative-free topical eye drop formulation for the lubrication of the ocular surface. The EvoTears droplet forms a thin and smooth protecting film supporting the lipid layer in its function to prevent tear evaporation for the relief of dry eye and irritated eyes symptoms. EvoTears has been classified as a class?medical device and received CE mark approval in Europe in July 2013. An open, prospective, uncontrolled post-market clinical study NT-001 successfully demonstrated effectiveness and safety in relief of dry eye symptoms. All results of the study point towards excellent clinical performance, safety and very high convenience and acceptance of EvoTears for patients suffering from hyper-evaporative dry eye.

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