Ultrasonic Phaco Remains Dominant, but New Technologies Ready to Challenge

Source: Market Scope

Market Scope expects surgeons to perform nearly 18.5 million phaco procedures globally in 2018, and dedicated packs and accessories will make up more than 72 percent of the $1.6 billion in global cataract equipment revenues.

Two factors will fuel modest growth in the cataract equipment market over the next 5 years: ultrasonic phacoemulsification (USP) will continue to be the standard of care for cataract surgery in wealthy nations, and the 51-year-old technology will see increasing adoption in less developed regions.

Growth in phaco adoption in the emerging markets of China, India, and other fast-developing nations will lead to robust future revenues, as a significantly expanding global installed base will continue to drive growth in machine-dedicated packs and accessories.

Market Scope’s recently released “2018 Cataract Surgical Equipment Report” describes three levels of ultrasonic phaco machines and how the demand is shifting for each in different regions of the world based upon the needs of cataract surgeons and their patients.

The importance of dedicated packs and accessories continues to grow, and their revenues have surpassed machine revenues by a large margin as the installed base of ultrasonic machines has grown worldwide. Revenues from machine packs and accessories will more than triple machine revenues by 2023.

FLACS laser sales have flattened in recent years, but the number of procedures shows a promising trend in many countries, including the US. Our report outlines improvements in the technology and changes to the business model that we consider requirements to increase FLACS market penetration beyond its current limited segment. We evaluate FLACS technologies in development today, and we project which additional ones will be developed over the next 5 years to reinvigorate growth.

Cataracts are a leading cause of blindness in the world, according to the World Health Organization, and cataract surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures, with nearly 27 million surgeries expected to be performed in 2018. The US, Western Europe, and Japan currently are expected to account for two-thirds of worldwide revenues in 2018, but robust IOL growth is forecast over the next five years for several emerging markets, especially China, India, and portions of Latin American.

Market Scope’s “2018 Cataract Surgical Equipment Report: A Global Market Analysis for 2017 to 2023” was published in May.


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