Topcon’s PASCAL Synthesis TwinStar Laser Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance

Source: Topcon Medical Systems

Topcon Medical Systems announced that its PASCAL Synthesis TwinStar laser has received FDA 510(k) clearance. The Synthesis TwinStar expands the PASCAL line of laser photocoagulators offering the ability to treat retinal disorders with a 577-nm yellow wavelength or with a 638-nm red wavelength. The yellow module allows doctors to treat with a single spot as well as with a variety of patterns and four spot sizes. The yellow module can also be used with the optional Endpoint Management software for sub-threshold procedures. The red wavelength, ideal for targeting choroidal vessels in the neovascular membrane, is for single spot treatments and has two different spot sizes, according to Topcon.

Features of the PASCAL Synthesis TwinStar:
    •    Includes both Yellow 577-nm and Red 638-nm wavelengths in a single system
    •    Integrates seamlessly with the Topcon SL-D4 slit lamp
    •    Red wavelength ideal for providing deep, gentle penetration and effective treatment of choroidal vessels
    •    Endpoint Management technology for sub-threshold
    •    Laser treatment with 577-nm wavelength
    •    Intended to perform single-spot photocoagulation in the posterior segment (retina, choroid) as well as pattern-scanning photocoagulation in the non-macular retina of the eye

“Within ophthalmology, medical laser technology evolves at a rapid pace. Accordingly, offering users a variety of therapeutic modalities is critical. The addition of the TwinStar to Topcon’s product portfolio offers ophthalmologists an even wider range of treatment options for significant ocular conditions, including retinal disorders,” Robert Gibson, Vice President, Eye Care Global Marketing, Topcon Corporation, said in a company news release.

For more information on the PASCAL Synthesis TwinStar and other PASCAL laser technologies, please visit www.pascalvision.com.


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