Topcon Releases Video Interview Series for Aladdin Biometer

Source: Topcon Medical Systems

Topcon Medical Systems has announcd the release of a series of video interviews where several Key Opinion Leaders talk about their experiences with the Aladdin Biometer with Corneal Topography and how they have benefitted from the new features of the instrument.

At a recent interview during the ASCRS meeting in Los Angeles, Graham Barrett, MD, elaborated on his suite of formulae for IOL calculation and its incorporation into the on-board software of the Aladdin. Dr. Barrett describes each formula in detail and explains the specific use of them in the selection of the appropriate IOL.
Dr. John Sheppard talks about the advantages of the Aladdin Biometer

In his office at Virginia Eye Consultants, John Sheppard, MD, had the opportunity to compare the efficacy of the Aladdin Biometer against another leading biometer. During this video interview, Dr. Sheppard describes the Aladdin advantages and accuracy and how the instrument can save time while providing critical information.

Ike Ahmed, MD, from the University of Toronto, talks about his experience with the Aladdin Biometer and comments on its advantages. For Dr. Ahmed, assessing the corneal shape and detecting corneal abnormalities prior to cataract surgery is an essential component of the pre-operative biometric workup on a patient. Dr. Ahmed shares in this video his thoughts and experiences with an instrument that can perform both functions. The Aladdin Biometer with Corneal Topography provides what Dr. Ahmed calls “the entire picture” in terms of IOL selection.

This informative set of video interviews can be viewed online at https://eyetube.net/collections/topcon-medical. White papers on the contents of the interviews are also available to download from the Topcon website.

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