Topcon Announces the European Launch of MYAH Management Tool for Myopia and Dry Eye

Source: Topcon

Topcon announced it has launched its new MYAH instrument in Europe. MYAH is a management tool for eye care professionals interested in building, managing and growing myopia and dry eye services within their practice or research institution, according to a company news release.

The all-in-one MYAH provides critical tools needed to support myopia management while also offering an evolving platform to add or grow dry eye management. MYAH incorporates corneal topography, including keratoconus screening and pupillometry, axial length measurements by optical low coherence interferometry, progression reports for analyzing treatment efficacy, and a comprehensive suite of dry eye assessment tools. The instrument is compact, easy to operate, and offers rapid capture to ensure patient satisfaction, according to Topcon.

“MYAH is ideally suited to combat the growing crises of both myopia and dry eye disease. Its versatility and ease of use allows eye care professionals to easily build a myopia service within their practice, educate patients on the implications of myopia and dry eye disease, manage their patients’ conditions, and grow their service offerings,” John Trefethen, Global VP of Marketing & Product Design for Topcon Healthcare, said in the news release.

For more information on MYAH, visit www.topconmyah.com.

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