Topcon Announces Customer Initiatives to Combat Global COVID-19 Crisis

Source: Topcon

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to escalate across the globe, Topcon Healthcare has announced a series of initiatives and programs designed to support its customers during this time of unprecedented challenges.

As healthcare providers, eye doctors are required to be in close contact with patients while performing an exam and are, therefore, unable to maintain the CDC recommended distance of 2 meters. In order to combat this and prevent the transmission of respiratory illnesses including COVID-19, Topcon is now offering all of its slit lamp customers a free breath shield that fits onto their instrument and provides a first line of defense for both healthcare providers and patients. To register to receive the Topcon Breath Shield, customers should visit: http://bit.ly/2x8aVlk

Additionally, Topcon has developed several innovative ways for customers to connect virtually in the absence of tradeshows and face-to-face communications. As major tradeshows, conferences and exhibitions around the world continue to get postponed and travel restrictions become more widespread, Topcon is offering virtual sales demos so that customers are able to connect and continue to receive the service they deserve, in a healthy, uncompromising way. To address the tradeshow situation, Topcon Healthcare has announced an online Expo taking place at the end of March. TopconExpo will give customers a “virtual tradeshow” from the comfort of their home or office without jeopardizing their health and well-being.

TopconExpo.com will offer special sales incentives to customers while providing live sales support with clinical experts ready to answer any questions they might have.

“During this unprecedented period challenging the world’s health and economy, Topcon is leveraging its full technology and resources to alleviate some of the burden this pandemic has placed on our customers. Now more than ever, we need to find ways to support one another and provide new methods for our customers to interact with us. We hope these programs will allow them to continue running their practices while providing optimal care for their patients in the most safe and effective way possible,” John Trefethen, Global VP of Marketing & Product Design, said in a a company news release.


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