Tomey USA Launches Its Latest Innovation in Topographers

Source: Tomey

Tomey USA unveiled its latest devices, the new Auto Lensmeters models TL-6000 and TL-7000. 

The key strength of these devices is built around the 118-point Hartmann sensor. This wavefront technology is used to measure the lens power and give most accurate and quick readings even when checking multifocal lenses.

With the new Tomey lensmeter models TL-6000 and TL-7000, users are able to measure not only UV light transmission but also the transmission of the blue light. Various patterns assist the user tin finding the laser engraving and will help to visualize the distortion of the lenses. The grid can be changed to various patterns by swiping a finger over the 7-inch touch panel. 

The purpose of this function is to visualize the area of distinct vision and the area of astigmatism of the glasses. PD and L values are needed to get the information of accurate position of the lens. (Measurement function of PD and L value is available in only TL-7000.) 

Tomey USA will exhibit the new lensmeters capabilities and functions at the Vision Expo East 2017 trade show in New York. 

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