Tilak Healthcare Announces Exclusive Partnership for Co-Promotion with Novartis France

Source: Tilak Healthcare

Tilak Healthcare, a video game studio specializing in mobile medical games for patients with chronic diseases, announced an exclusive co-promotion partnership with Novartis France for OdySight, its first clinically validated mobile game to monitor vision remotely.

Tilak Healthcare will rely on medical representatives from Novartis France to inform ophthalmologists in France of this innovation and provide greater access to this solution.

“We are very excited to embark on this journey alongside Novartis France. This is a major step in the growth of Tilak Healthcare. We look forward to collaborating with a partner whose ambitious digital strategy echoes our vision of combining the playful world of mobile gaming with the medical world in order to help physicians. Thanks to this partnership, Tilak strengthens its status as a major player in e-health,” Edouard Gasser, CEO of Tilak Healthcare, said in a company news release. 

“We welcome this collaboration with Tilak Healthcare, which is part of our strategy based on the alliance of therapeutic and digital innovations to improve patient autonomy with certain eye diseases,” Audrey Derveloy, Head of Ophthalmology at Novartis France, said in the news release.

Developed by physicians and video game professionals, OdySight is an example of digital solutions to improve patient care. By combining games and medical tests, the application allows close monitoring of patients with chronic ocular diseases (eg, AMD, diabetic macular edema, high myopia). The user performs medical tests and then can progress through a puzzle game to test his cognitive and visual abilities. In case of vision loss detected by the application, an alert is sent to the patient, inviting him to make an appointment with his ophthalmologist. OdySight motivates the patient to come back on a regular basis, and therefore, to do more visual tests, in a sustainable fashion, than are normally performed during a traditional care pathway.

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