ThromboGenics Plans Name Change to “Oxurion”

Source: ThromboGenics

ThromboGenics announced its intention to change its name to “Oxurion” and the company’s stock ticker symbol from ‘THR” to “OXUR.”

The company issued a convening notice seeking the approval of ThromboGenics’ shareholders for the name change at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). The EGM will take place on July 27, 2018. Subject to the approval of the shareholders’ assembly, the name change will become effective in the week commencing September 10, 2018. 

“The new name, Oxurion, is designed to better reflect our ambition to deliver best in class therapies for back of the eye disorders,” Patrik De Haes, MD, CEO of ThromboGenics, said in a company news release. “The renaming comes at a moment when we have reached important clinical milestones and are accelerating the execution of our unique pipeline of disease modifying compounds for diabetic eye disease. Moreover, we are also looking at expanding our drug development efforts into additional and new areas of back of the eye disease.”

The name Oxurion is derived from a combination of ‘Oxygen’ and ‘Orion’. 

Increasing oxygen levels plays a key role in helping prevent and reverse several of the key underlying factors leading to diabetic eye disease. Reference to this concept is in line with the company’s mission to target the onset of these diseases with disease-modifying therapies, as early as possible, to the ultimate benefit of the patients. 

Orion was a Greek mythological figure who, after being blinded, had his vision restored by Helios, the God of the Sun. This reference captures the company’s mission, which is focused on enhancing vision and fighting blindness by researching and developing innovative pharmacological treatment options for unmet clinical needs in back-of-the-eye diseases.

The convening notice for the EGM, proxy forms and all other meeting documentation are available on ThromboGenics’ website (www.thrombogenics.com) under “Investors” – “Shareholder Info” – “Extraordinary and Annual Shareholders Meeting”.


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