The Vision Council Releases 2019 Vision Watch Cataract Report

Source: The Vision Council

The Vision Council recently released the results of the 2019 VisionWatch Cataract Report. Conducted in December 2019, the study measures changes in consumer behavior related to vision and vision correction after undergoing cataract surgery. The intent of the study was to explore how cataract surgery might affect vision correction markets and, furthermore, to understood how any changes in consumer behavior after cataract surgery could impact eyewear and eyecare providers.

The Vision Council’s research team conducted 10,500 interviews with U.S. residents regarding their knowledge of cataract surgery as well as their personal experiences before and after the surgery, such as overall vision change, improvement in ability to drive, light sensitivity, use of vision correction devices before and after the surgery, among others.

Notable findings from the study include:

  • About 1.7 million U.S. residents had cataract surgery in 2019 and the report suggests the number will increase annually over the next several years
  • 97 percent of respondents ages 65 and older are aware of the eye condition “cataracts”
  • By age 75, almost half the respondents had received cataract surgery
  • 94.6 percent of those respondents having had cataract surgery expressed satisfaction with the results of the surgery
  • 64.5 percent of respondents stated their ability to drive improved as a result of cataract surgery
  • 22.9 percent of respondents said their doctor used a monovision correction technique
  • Post cataract surgery, the frequency of eyeglass usage by respondents fell by almost 20 percentage points

The 2019 VisionWatch Cataract Report had the initial sample fielded and balanced to be representative of the U.S. population 18 years of age and older. The working sample consisted of 5,145 U.S. adults 45 years of age and older.

The 2019 VisionWatch Cataract Report is available for purchase here. The report is priced at $2,500 for members of The Vision Council and $4,500 for non-members.


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