The Vision Council Examines Consumers’ Attitudes About COVID-19 in a Survey for Its Members

Source: The Vision Council

The Vision Council released a new COVID-19 Optical Impact consumer survey. Conducted by The Vision Council’s research team in February, the study surveyed more than 10,000 adults across the U.S. and was designed to measure respondents’ level of concern over exposure to COVID-19, including measures they are taking to prevent exposure, changes in eye exam intent, and how respondents are prioritizing medical care, as well as eyewear purchase, according to a report in VisionMonday.

Steve Kodey, senior director of Industry Research Services at The Vision Council said, “Given the growing severity of the COVID-19 virus on both the physical health and economic well-being of the U.S., The Vision Council conducted a consumer survey in February that gauges the impact of the COVID-19 threat on consumers’ decisions to get eye exams and make eyewear purchases in the future.

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