The Refractive Surgery Council Rolls Out New “RSC Verified” Patient Education Program for Surgeons

Source: The Refractive Surgery Council

Refractive surgeons who want to play a leading role in patient education and signal their commitment to quality now have a new resource: The RSC Verified program, according to The Refractive Surgery Council (RSC).

The program, introduced by the RSC, opens the council’s vast library of patient education material to participating surgeons for their websites and social media channels. Surgeons who opt into the program receive the RSC Verified Seal to display on their websites, signaling to current and prospective patients that the information they read is current, unbiased, and clinically accurate.

“People are increasingly turning to the Internet to research their health and medical information. As a Council, our priority for the past decade has been to ensure individuals researching vision correction procedures find the most accurate information online. Opening our library to surgeons ensures patients find information that is both relevant to their journey and trusted,” RSC Chairman James Wachtman said in a news release.

RSC Verified directly supports the Council’s mission of better educating patients about laser vision correction in a singular, authoritative voice. It is also designed to complement and not conflict with a practice’s other SEO or digital marketing efforts.

With the Council’s online resources and campaigns, the RSC Verified seal becomes a recognized emblem of trusted information, empowering prospects to productively self-educate and move forward with their decision about vision correction, according to the RSC. For surgeons, the RSC Verified content feed means having access to fresh, relevant and informative material for their practice site and social channels. Importantly, the RSC Verified content feed works without conflicting with a practice’s other digital or SEO marketing efforts. The program is being rolled out after a year of testing.

Surgeons can opt into the program here (bit.ly/RSCVerified). They simply agree to the Council’s marketing guidelines and then receive:

  • RSC Verified content feed
  • RSC Verified seal for their websites and other channels
  • Become part of the Eye You network of surgeons

“Patient education begins online. RSC Verified is a seal of approval that shows anyone interested in LASIK that the information he or she is reading is accurate, authoritative and trustworthy,” said Kerry D. Solomon, MD, Carolina Eyecare and past president of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS). “As an early participant of the RSC Verified program, we know that when patients have access to information that is fresh and relevant, it greatly improves our conversations with them.”

RSC’s Insight blog is the repository of its proprietary educational content geared toward those consumers in the decision-making process about their vision correction. Each day, RSC analyzes hundreds of conversations online around laser vision correction; and responds by developing unbranded content to answer questions, correct misperceptions, and put clinical research in the proper context. Through RSC Verified, surgeons align their online content around the themes and messages patient prospects are interested in. The information is verified by review by RSC’s editorial board, which includes internationally-recognized experts in the field.


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