The Aladdin Biometer and Corneal Topographer HW3.0 Now Incorporates the Olsen IOL Calculation Formula

Source: Topcon Medical Systems

Topcon Medical Systems has announced that the ALADDIN Biometer with Corneal Topography HW3.0 incorporates the Olsen IOL calculation formula in its latest software.

The addition of the Olsen formula to the already robust software of the Aladdin offers an even wider selection for surgeons to calculate intraocular lens power with precision and confidence.

The Olsen formula utilizes a newly developed concept by Dr. Thomas Olsen called the C-constant which predicts the effective lens position (ELP) when performing in-the-bag IOL implants. This model also predicts the lens position of anterior chamber IOLs.

“If you have accurate measurements of lens thickness together with anterior chamber depth, then you have a very accurate method of predicting the physical location of the IOL after surgery. This is what the C constant is about, " Dr. Thomas said in a company news release.

For more information on the ALADDIN or Topcon in general, please visit www.topconmedical.com.

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