TearScience Introduces LipiFlow Activator II

Source: TearScience

TearScience announced the release of the LipiFlow Activator II treatment disposable. The newly released disposable maintains the same level of quality and efficacy as the original Activator.

LipiFlow’s Activator consists of the scleral lens heating surface, the shield structure and the pulsation bladders, all of which directly interface with the patient oculus. The Activator II meets the same standard for sterility as the original Activator. Activator II is used with a separate, semi-permanent cable, which remains connected to the LipiFlow Console. The LipiFlow System now includes a reusable cable that reduces waste.

With roughly five million tons of institutional medical waste being dumped in US landfills each year, TearScience is proud to introduce this new, waste-reducing Activator II, which is compatible with existing LipiFlow systems.

“The eye care professionals with whom we partner have fueled our growth and made innovation an imperative. LipiFlow treatment volume grew almost 3-fold in 2016. This growth required a responsible look at an environmentally sustainable design for the disposable. Now, the most advanced eye care professionals in the world prioritize uncovering MGD to improve patient care as they do in other diseases. Today, MGD is increasingly treated prior to the onset of dry eye symptoms and fluctuating vision.  We take pride in our professional partners, our innovations, and in reducing medical waste,” Joe Boorady, President and CEO, TearScience, said in a company news release.

“The new Activator II delivers the same inner lid heating and simultaneous application of custom peristaltic pressure that achieves the results and patient satisfaction I’ve come to expect," Preeya Gupta, MD, said in the news release. "I routinely examine my patients for MGD and LipiFlow has provided us with an effective way of treating it.”


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