TearScience Appoints Clarion Medical to Distribute Meibomian Gland Dysfunction Product in Canada

Source: TearScience

TearScience announced that Clarion Medical has been appointed Canadian distributor, providing TearScience’s technologies to all Canadian provinces except Quebec, where Oeilsec continues successful distribution. Through the partnership, Clarion will enhance the accessibility of meibomian gland imaging and MGD treatment to Canadian practices and patients.

“Clarion will improve our reach and ability to service the growing market for treatment of MGD. MGD is a highly prevalent and progressive disease that results in the loss of the oil producing glands in eyelids, leading to chronic dry eye” Tom Chirillo, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, TearScience, said in a company news release.

Over the past 2 years, TearScience has seen great enthusiasm from eye care professionals in response to efficient imaging and treatment of MGD, along with enhancements in the TearScience business model and demonstration of sustained-effect from a single treatment, published in 2016. This enthusiasm in combination with Clarion Medical’s strength in the Canadian Eye Care market will allow greater availability of the product line in Canada.

According to Bryan Gosse, Director of Vision of Clarion Medical, “LipiFlow and LipiScan are a cornerstone addition to Clarion’s vision product line. Healthy meibomian glands are foundational to stable vision and long-term ocular comfort.”


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