Swedish Biotech Aims to Create ‘Super Vaccine’ for COVID-19 With Karolinska Institute

Source: Cobra Biologics

Cobra Biologics and Karolinska Institute in Sweden have joined forces in the fight against COVID-19.

Cobra Biologics, which has one production facility in Sweden and one in the UK, is working jointly with  Karolinska Institute, and is preparing to manufacture a pilot series of a unique DNA-based ‘super vaccine’ for coronavirus.

“There are very few suppliers worldwide with our expertise in plasmid DNA that can offer this type of production capacity. Sweden’s life science sector has both highly skilled specialists and advanced technologies,” Lars Fahlander, Site Manager, Cobra Biologics, said in a company news release.

Cobra Biologics together with five other partners led by Karolinska Institute were given the assignment to develop a coronavirus vaccine at record speed by the EU and Horizon 2020, which provided EUR 3 million of emergency funding. The project is part of the OPENCORONA consortium, which supports global efforts to tackle the pandemic.

The COVID-19 vaccine will be a genetically engineered DNA vaccine and will be delivered to the patient to generate a viral antigen on which the immune system then reacts. The advantage of a DNA vaccine is that the immune response will be induced in a way that is believed to be highly effective, safe and cost efficient, according to Cobra.

The vaccine is scheduled for human trials in 2021.


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