Surgilum Introduces First Self-Illuminating Photon Speculum

Source: Surgilum

Surgilum introduced the Photon Speculum, the first self-illuminating eyespeculum, at the ASCRS meeting. The product is made up of a single-use corneal transilluminator that magnetically attaches to the Surgilum Speculum. Its tangential light illuminates the eye’s anterior segment with the power of a slit lamp enabling surgeons to see greater details for improved surgical outcomes.

Surgeons can independently control the tangential light on both arms of the Photon Illuminator. Compared to using a microscope light during ophthalmic surgeries, the Photon Speculum significantly reduces glare helping surgeons see details they have never seen before. The Photon Speculum’s tangential light also avoids the risk of retinal phototoxicity, according to a company news release.

"Surgilum’s new Photon Speculum is a real game changer,” Karl Stonecipher, MD, medical director of TLC Greensboro in North Carolina, said in the news release. “By allowing me to see a more granular level of detail on the eye, this new product makes me more efficient and gives me greater confidence during surgery. It is such a powerful, vast improvement over traditional technology that I cannot envision performing surgery without it.”  

The Photon Speculum is 510K exempt.  

New RoboMarker Formula Improves Accuracy for Infrared Femtosecond Laser Surgery

Surgilum also announced a new formula is available for its RoboMarker, a self-leveling corneal marker used in toric IOLs, LRIs, LASIK and femtosecond surgeries. The new formula makes RoboMarker’s marking visible in infrared light during femtosecond laser surgery.  

RoboMarker’s gravity-based system has been tested and shown to hold a chosen axis to within 1° of accuracy, allowing the surgeon to focus on marking rather than on keeping the marking device level. RoboMarker makes corneal marking faster, with well defined marks that last up to 2 hours. Its marking tips, the RoboTips, are sterile, disposable, and pre-inked.

"RoboMarker provides a highly affordable way to mark patients’ eyes accurately and efficiently with a long lasting mark that stays until the patient has been prepped and draped,” Jonathan Solomon, MD, of Solomon Eye Associates in Greenbelt, Maryland, said in the news release. “With this new formula, I can begin using the RoboMarker even for my Lensar cases. It is a great product that pays dividends of time savings in marking and in the operating room.”

RoboMarker saves an estimated 5 to 8 minutes per surgical case. The RoboMarker works by rotating its indicator dial to the desired axis. Its gravity-based, self-leveling system keeps the RoboTip in place, regardless of how a surgeon holds the device.

RoboMarker is FDA approved and has received CE Mark.  


A prototype of the Photon Speculum and the RoboMarker will be on display at the 2016 ASCRS-ASOA Symposium & Congress at Surgil?m’s exhibit booth #1554. 

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