Surgil?m Announces Commercial Availability of First-Ever, Self-Illuminating Photon Speculum

Source: Surgil?m

Surgil?m announced the availability of its new Photon Speculum, an innovative, first-ever self-illuminating eye speculum. The product is made up of the Photon Illuminator, a single-use corneal transilluminator that magnetically attaches to the Surgilum Speculum. When coupled, the two devices become the Photon Speculum, which provides a unique adjustable tangential light that illuminates the eye’s anterior segment with the power of a slit lamp. This new illuminated speculum enables surgeons to see greater details for improved surgical outcomes.

Surgeons can independently control the tangential light on the Photon Illuminator’s arm. Compared to using a microscope light during ophthalmic surgeries, the Photon Speculum significantly reduces glare. The Photon Specul?m’s tangential light also reduces the risk of retinal phototoxicity.

"If I could see, it would be easy. As refractive surgical procedures have gotten more complex with many more options, we now have a tool that can make the learning curve much quicker and give us more confidence,” Bill Wiley, MD, Medical Director, Clear Choice Laser Eye Center at Cleveland Eye Clinic, said in a company news release. “With Surgil?m's new Photon Speculum, I can now see surgical details I've never seen before. It allows me to approach a variety of new procedures with greater confidence and a sharply reduced learning curve."

Surgil?m will be demonstrating the Photon Speculum at its exhibit booth #2706 at ASCRSwASOA Symposium & Congress on May 6-8, 2017.  Orders for the Photon Speculum are now being taken for delivery in June and may be placed onsite, online, or by calling 910-202-2202.

Surgil?m Introduces Award for Residents with Exceptional Skills

The company also announced its first annual Surgil?m Award of Excellence honoring graduating residents who demonstrate an aptitude for excellent surgical skills, a compassion for patients, and leadership qualities that can positively impact the future of Ophthalmology. Three award recipients will be named on June 7, 2017. Award winners will receive a RoboMarker for their use.

Three residents will be chosen to receive this award from those involved in Surgil?m's Residency Initiative, which was launched in 2016 at Johns Hopkins University, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, and Columbia University. The RoboMarker corneal marking system was introduced into these ophthalmology programs to help residents gain confidence in surgery.  The residents were able to experience RoboMarker’s ease of use, accuracy, and long lasting marks (up to 2 hours) compared to other marking techniques.


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