Smart Vision Labs Announces the Addition of Two Second-Generation Smart Autorefractors

Source: Smart Vision Labs

Smart Vision Labs announced two additions to its product offerings - the SVOne Enterprise and the SVOne Pro, according to a company news release. The SVOne Enterprise is the world’s first fully automated self-guided objective refraction technology, combining the power of mobile computation, precision optics, and connectivity. The SVOne Pro is an upgraded version of the company’s core technology with an increased range of power and several features that improve usability and accuracy.

“Smart Vision Labs is committed to providing eye carepProviders with powerful yet portable diagnostic tools that extend the ability to provide convenient and comprehensive vision exams & screening in clinical and non-clinical settings,” CEO and co-founder Yaopeng Zhou said in the news release.

The SVOne Enterprise, a Shack-Hartmann wavefront aberrometer, is a patient-directed vision testing station. Results from the voice-guided refraction examination are automatically uploaded to a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud platform. Ideal for use in retail locations, pharmacies, hospitals, workplaces, schools and other remote settings, the SVOne Enterprise provides eye care providers a powerful patient engagement and remote patient monitoring tool.

The SVOne Pro has the same core technology as the original SVOne autorefractor, but with increased range of power and improved usability. The new device features a new open view channel so the operator can see patients’ eyes when aligning the SVOne Pro. When the pupil is detected, the SVOne Pro auto-­triggers to automatically acquire wavefront data through its software.

The measurement parameters of both the SVOne Enterprise and SVOne Pro have been increased to cover the vision needs of 99% of the population: the sphere range is: ?14.00 to +14.00 D, and the cylinder range is: -7.00 to +7.00 D.

“For our second-generation products, we really listened to feedback from our partners and underwent a major design overhaul,” Smart Vision Labs COO & co-founder Marc Albanese said in the news release. “SVOne Enterprise and SVOne Pro mark a new frontier in vision care by providing professionals the most powerful refraction devices in a truly easy to use and portable format.”

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