SimulEYE BIO Shield Launched

Source: SimulEYE

SimulEYE Ophthalmic Surgical Training Models has launched the SimulEYE BIO Shield, which is designed to protect eye care professionals and patients.

The lightweight shield easily and securely mounts to a wall, using a proprietary magnet system, according to SimulEYE. The shield can be snapped into place on an indirect or be mounted to a wall.

SimulEYE BIO Shield is designed to work with the following indirect models:

  • Keeler All Pupil II

  • Keeler Vantage Plus

  • Heine Omega 500

  • IRIDEX Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope (LIO)

“We tested this product with top KOL’s and the results were unanimous: … the shield must be positioned on the outside of the oculars for speed and hygiene … We do not have time to be unbuttoning and installing plastic shields… We need something that is lightweight and extremely easy to don and doff,” said Stuart Stoll, MD, founder of SimulEYE Ophthalmic Surgical Training Models.

This shield is built for the top indirect models but, if you have a different model, the company is launching a Universal BIO Shield (available for pre-order).

For more information about the SimulEYE BIO Shield, visit https://www.simuleye.com/products/bio-shield.



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