Sightpath Medical Reaches Milestone 25,000 Mobile Laser Cataract Procedures

Source: Sightpath Medical

Sightpath Medical announced they have reached a milestone, having participated in more than 25,000 laser cataract procedures since adding this technology to their mobile cataract offering in March of 2013, according to a company news release.

Sightpath Medical first began providing its mobile femtosecond lasers for cataract surgery service in early 2013. The service suite, called MoFe, includes a femtosecond laser, a certified laser engineer, certification coordination, ongoing clinical support and access to Sightpath’s customer resources for implementation assistance.

“Sightpath Medical took a delicate technology that no one thought could be mobilized and, after 2 years, is the predominant provider of laser cataract surgery as a service with more than 250 active surgeons in over 40 states across the county,” Joel Gaslin, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Sightpath Medical, said in the news release. “We are grateful for of the ingenuity and persistence our team exhibited in developing the patented system needed to make this technology available to the market."

Coupled with an extensive library of implementation and marketing tools, Sightpath customers have experienced high levels of patient acceptance and built their procedure volume quickly.

“We have been absolutely shocked at how positive the response has been,” Larry Patterson, MD, an ophthalmic surgeon with Eye Centers of Tennessee, said in the news release. “Our patient acceptance rate of the laser cataract procedure is almost double what it had been of the manual procedure. The beauty of partnering with Sightpath is that I’m able to offer laser to those who want it, standard to those you don’t, and let the patient make the choice. I am not under any pressure to talk patients into a procedure they don’t really want.”

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