SightLife Surgical to Acquire the Kamra Inlay From AcuFocus

Source: SightLife Surgical

SightLife Surgical has announced that it will acquire the »Kamra inlay from AcuFocus. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The Kamra inlay received FDA approval in April 2015, making it the first corneal inlay to receive approval in the US for the surgical correction of presbyopia. The approval represented the first major advancement in the surgical correction of presbyopia in over a decade.

“At SightLife Surgical, we pride ourselves on being cornea experts and innovators. As part of our mission to eliminate corneal blindness by 2040, we have been actively searching for safe, effective, and reliable corneal surgical technologies to enhance and expand our portfolio of products and services for surgeons,” Monty Montoya, president and CEO of SightLife Surgical, said in a company news release. “As we’ve monitored the progress made in the corneal inlay market, we have been impressed with the AcuFocus team and their Kamra inlay technology. We look forward to adding this proven technology to SightLife Surgical and carrying forward the development of this segment.”

The Kamra inlay is an ultra-thin, opaque mini-ring that uses a simple physical principle – pinhole optics – to deliver true extended depth of focus for patients with presbyopia. It is indicated to improve near vision by extending depth of focus in presbyopic patients who have emmetropic refractions (+0.50 D to -0.75 D).

“We believe this acquisition represents a true win-win for patients, surgeons, and our respective stakeholders. SightLife Surgical gains a market-leading technology along with a tenured team with the know-how to continue to grow the market,” Al Waterhouse, president and COO of AcuFocus, said in the news release. “For AcuFocus, this acquisition allows us to focus our full energy and efforts on bringing our groundbreaking IC-8 small aperture IOL to the U.S. market.”

Richard L. Lindstrom, MD, founder and attending surgeon at Minnesota Eye Consultants and board member for both AcuFocus and SightLife Surgical, added, “The Kamra inlay is a minimally invasive solution for a greatly underserved and growing segment of the population. I have been involved with AcuFocus and the Kamra inlay since its inception and have personally witnessed the evolution of the technology and procedure. Developing a new segment is not easy and takes time. I’m excited about the progress achieved today and the strong corneal focus of the SightLife Surgical team moving forward. I believe the Kamra inlay will have a bright future and will be an increasingly utilized solution for presbyopia correction.”

To ensure seamless transition and uninterrupted customer support, a core team from AcuFocus will join SightLife Surgical. Patrick Jacques will join as vice president of refractive cornea, and Yari L. Mitchell, while maintaining her role as vice president of medical affairs & business strategy at AcuFocus, will support the transition as a strategic advisor for SightLife Surgical.

The companies expect the deal to close at the end of Q1 2018 with full transition of services and support to follow shortly thereafter.

The acquisition comes just a month after ReVision Optics, the maker of the Raindrop Near Vision Inlay and the second corneal inlay to receive FDA approval (June 2016), decided to cease its operations.


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